Ultrasound Reveals Truth

Editor’s note: The letter to the editor originally appeared in the Nov. 4, 2012 edition of the Yakima Herald-Republic. This letter reprinted with the author’s permission.

ultrasoundTo the editor — I found the Oct. 21 Associated Press article, “Abortions legal, but not always easy to get,” extremely biased and even inaccurate. Many “restrictive” laws alluded to are meant to protect the unborn. Is it really wrong for some states to limit abortions to no more than 21 or 20 weeks gestation, because of the extreme pain a developing fetus endures when dismembered? Everyone gets pain meds for dental treatment, which is nothing compared to intentionally ending the life of a child in utero, a painful and brutal affront. It is never OK to harm the weak and vulnerable!

Recently, I performed an ultrasound on a 10-week-old child in utero. Believe me, it does not look anything like a “lima bean.” The 2 1/2-inch long child was moving, the limbs obvious in development, facial features easily visible, with a beating heart, complete bone structure in process, a true beautiful miracle. The liberal left continues to demean this life by calling it a “fetal tissue mass.”

May we responsibly wake up and read and Google for ourselves the true story of Roe v. Wade (Norma McCorvey’s personal book, “Won by Love” is a good start) or the Nobel Prize winner’s video available for all to watch on TEDtalks, Alexander Tsiaras, “Conception to birth.”

Nancy Lilly is a registered nurse trained in ultrasonography. She and her husband Tom attend Stone Church in Yakima.

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