The Hidden Face of Abortion Providers in Washington State

Are you a member of the Group Health Cooperative in Washington? Did you know that Group Health operates an abortion clinic in Seattle as part of their physician residency-training program?

As a RHEDI grant site, the Group Health Cooperative receives funding from ‘The Center for Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine.’ The stated mission of RHEDI is two-fold; to integrate high-quality comprehensive abortion and family planning training into U.S. family medicine residency programs and to expand the definition of the scope of practice of family medicine to include abortion care. Shocking, that anyone could imagine there is anything remotely quality about abortion.

The Group Health Cooperative of Washington has been a longtime advocate of legalized abortion-on-demand dating back to 1969. They are providing abortion services and training physicians in how to perform them. Their tagline ‘way beyond medicine’ is telling, as trafficking in abortions, results in the destruction of human life.

Image Point Mobile Medical Services is committed to the sanctity of human life.

We would strongly urge you to cancel your affiliation/insurance/membership with Group Health. We also caution anyone who might be considering purchasing their insurance products or using the Group Health clinics for their health care needs to look elsewhere.

For excellent up-to-date information about abortion in our state, check out Jonathan Bloedow and Mary Emanuel’s website at Abortion In Washington ‘Shining the Light of Truth on Washington’s Abortion Industry’ 

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