Hot off the presses: download your copy of our Summer 2012 e-newsletter

Image Point Mobile Medical Services has been quietly laying a foundation of excellence as we prepare to launch Central Washington’s first mobile medical unit with life-affirming ultrasound!

We are blessed to make the premier edition of our E-Newsletter available for you to download at the following link:

Image Point MMS Summer 2012 e-newsletter

(Note: Adoble Reader is required to view documents in a pdf format, you can download your free copy here: ).

We are thankful to God and have been encouraged by you, through the multitude of prayers and provisions that have been supplied, to equip us to fulfill our sacred call to save lives and protect futures from abortion.

Image Point MMS is currently operating as an all volunteer non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Washington.  Our future growth will include both paid staff and volunteer positions.

With your generous and sacrificial support we are looking forward to touching the future lives of many generations yet to be.

Psalm 102:18 declares, “This is being written for the generation to come, that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord”.

Thank you for being valiant for life!

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